» Publications 2021

Influence of surface activation on the microporosity of PE-CVD and PE-ALD SiOx thin films on PDMS

C. Hoppe, F. Mitschker, L. Mai, M. O. Liedke, T. de los Arcos, P. Awakowicz, A. Devi, A. Attallah, M. Butterling, A. Wagner, G. Grundmeier
Plasma Process. Polym., 2021, Accepted Manuscript

Co(II) Amide, Pyrrolate, and Aminopyridinate Complexes: Assessment of their Manifold Structural Chemistry and Thermal Properties

D. Zanders, N. Boysen, M. A. Land, J. Obenlüneschloß, J. D. Masuda, B. Mallick, S. T. Barry, A. Devi
Eur. J. Inorg. Chem., 2021, Accepted Manuscript

CVD grown GaSbxN1-x films as visible-light active photoanodes

D. Zywitzki, D. Mitoraj, Y. Vilk, O. Mendoza Reyes, M. Schleuning, D. Friedrich, A. Sadlo, D. Rogalla, R. Eichberger, R. Beranek, A. Devi
Dalton Trans., 2021, 50, 14832-14841

Chemical vapor deposition of Cobalt and Nickel Ferrite thin films: Investigation of structure and pseudocapacitive properties

D. Zywitzki, R. Schaper, E. Ciftyürek, J.-L. Wree, D. H. Taffa, D. M. Baier, D. Rogalla, Y. Li, M. Meischein, A. Ludwig, Z. Li, K. Schierbaum, M. Wark, A. Devi
Adv. Mater. Interfaces, 2021, 8, 2100949

A study on the influence of ligand variation on formamidinate complexes of yttrium: New precursors for atomic layer deposition of yttrium oxide

S. M. J. Beer, N. Boysen, A. Muriqi, D. Zanders, T. Berning, D. Rogalla, C. Bock, M. Nolan, A. Devi
Dalton Trans., 2021, 50, 12944 – 12956

Sensing and electrocatalytic activity of tungsten disulphide thin films fabricated via metalorganic chemical vapour deposition

J.‑L. Wree, J.‑P. Glauber, D. Öhl, A. Niesen, A. Kostka, D. Rogalla, W. Schuhmann, A. Devi
J. Mater. Chem. C, 2021, 9, 10254 – 10265

Atomic Layer Deposition of High-Quality Copper Metal Films from Cu(acac)2 and Hydroquinone Reductant

T. S. Tripathi, M. Wilken, C. Hoppe, T. de los Arcos, G. Grundmeier, A. Devi, M. Karppinen
Adv. Eng. Mater., 2021, 23, 2100446

Cobalt Metal ALD: Understanding the Mechanism and Role of Zinc Alkyl Precursors as Reductants for Low Resistivity Co Thin Films

D. Zanders, J. Liu, J. Obenlüneschloß, C. Bock, D. Rogalla, L. Mai, M. Nolan, S. T. Barry, A.Devi
Chem. Mater, 2021, 33, 13, 5045-5057

Direct liquid injection chemical vapor deposition of ZrO2 films from a heteroleptic Zr precursor: Interplay between film characteristics and corrosion protection of stainless steel

S. M. J. Beer, D. Samelor, A. Abdel Aal, J. Etzkorn, D. Rogalla, A. E. Turgambaeva, J. Esvan, A. Kostka, C. Vahlas, A. Devi
J. Mater. Res. Technol., 2021, 13, 1599-1614.

Investigation of an atomic-layer-deposited Al2O3 diffusion barrier between Pt and Si for the use in atomic scale atom probe tomography studies on a combinatorial processing platform

Y. Li, D. Zanders, M. Meischein, A. Devi, A. Ludwig
Surf. Interface Anal., 2021, 1-7

(tBuN)SiMe2NMe2 – A new N,N’-Κ2-monoanionic ligand for atomic layer deposition precursors

M. B. E. Griffiths, D. Zanders, M. A. Land, J. D. Masuda, A. Devi, S. T. Barry
J. Vac. Sci. Technol., A, 2021, 39, 032409.

Atomic layer deposition of dielectric Y2O3 thin films from a homoleptic yttrium formamidinate precursor and water

N. Boysen, D. Zanders, T. Berning, S. M. J. Beer, D. Rogalla, C. Bock, A. Devi, RSC Adv., 2021, 11, 2565-2574.

Fabrication of GdxFeyOz films using an atomic layer deposition-type approach

P. Yu, S. M. J. Beer, A. Devi, M. Coll,
CrystEngComm., 2021,23, 730-740.

Development of Guanidinate and Amidinate based Cerium and Ytterbium Complexes as Atomic Layer Deposition Precursors: Synthesis, Modelling, and Application

P. Kaur, L. Mai, A. Muriqi, D. Zanders, R. Ghiyasi, M. Safdar, N. Boysen, M. Winter, M. Nolan, M. Karppinen, A. Devi,
Chem. Eur. J., 2021, 27