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Welcome to the homepage of the research group “Inorganic Materials ChemistryIMC of Prof. Dr. Anjana Devi. Our group focuses on the development, synthesis and evaluation of high-performance precursors for vapor phase deposition processes namely chemical vapor deposition (CVD), atomic layer deposition (ALD) and molecular layer deposition (MLD).
We collaborate with scientists from various disciplines (Physics, Chemistry and Engineers) and our goal is to develop nanostructured materials for different applications ranging from microelectronics, sensors, dielectrics, barrier coatings, spintronics, optics, catalysis etc.


25. October 2021

European Network for Innovative and Advanced Epitaxy

We are very happy to announce that our IMC group has joined the “The EU-COST Action CA-20116 (2021-2025) OPERA: “European Network for Innovative and Advanced Epitaxy”. This is the 3rd EU-COST Action where IMC group was involved in the European-level co-operation and networking after, CA – CELINA – CM1301 (2013 -2017) and CA – HERALD- MP1402 (2014-2018). The cost action OPERA will promote the networking activities of expert groups within EU on epitaxial growth of materials focusing on semiconductors, oxides and 2D materials. Our group is very excited and look forward to the networking and collaborations with the OPERA group members.
New publication
21. October 2021

Co(II) Amide, Pyrrolate, and Aminopyridinate Complexes: Assessment of their Manifold Structural Chemistry and Thermal Properties

D. Zanders, N. Boysen, M. A. Land, J. Obenlüneschloß, J. D. Masuda, B. Mallick, S. T. Barry, A. Devi
Eur. J. Inorg. Chem., 2021, Accepted Manuscript
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18. October 2021

PhD Defense of Dennis

Congrats Dennis. Well done! A successful stint at RUB as a student and doctoral researcher!
With Dennis Zywitzki, who has successfully defended his PhD thesis on Tuesday the 12th of October, we now have to say goodbye to another generation of Devi-Group PhD students. Dennis was giving an excellent presentation of his research on precursor and process develop-ment for cobalt ferrite (CFO) and nickel ferrite (NFO) films for the potential application in supercapacitors.
We wish him all the best.

Dennis Zywitzki PhD Defense

Dennis Zywitzki PhD Defense 2
11. October 2021

ALPIN Kick-Off Meeting in Dresden

Some impressions of our group trip to Dresden in September for the ALPIN Kick-Off and Workshop 2021.
It was a great opportunity to interconnect with the ALD community, meet our collaborators, old friends and get to know some new faces. We hope to see you all next year, maybe in the Ruhr-Area? Fingers crossed!

Clean Room tour at TUD
Clean room tour with Martin Knaut in the Labs of Institut für Halbleiter und Mikrosystemtechnik at TUD

Group photo Altenberg

PhD Defense of Sebastian

Last Friday, Sebastian Beer successfully defended his PhD thesis giving a great talk about his work on precursor development and CVD for optomagnetics and corrosion protection coatings.
You may call yourself Dr. Beer now, a name to remember. Congratulations Basti! Well-deserved, we are proud of you!

Sebastian Beer PhD Defense

Sebastian Beer PhD Defense 2
New publication
27. September 2021

CVD grown GaSbxN1-x films as visible-light active photoanodes

D. Zywitzki, D. Mitoraj, Y. Vilk, O. Mendoza Reyes, M. Schleuning, D. Friedrich, A. Sadlo, D. Rogalla, R. Eichberger, R. Beranek, A. Devi
Dalton Trans., 2021, 50, 14832-14841
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17. September 2021

Farewell to Manuela


We will definitely miss Manuela Winter, our „Ms. X-ray“!
Thank you Manuela for all your support and great team work together with Anjana’s Kindergarten over the years!
More than 40 joint publications with the IMC group demonstrate the great team work and your excellent crystallography skills.

Wishing you all the best and ‘live long and prosper’!


New publication
17. August 2021

Chemical vapor deposition of Cobalt and Nickel Ferrite thin films: Investigation of structure and pseudocapacitive properties

D. Zywitzki, R. Schaper, E. Ciftyürek, J.-L. Wree, D. H. Taffa, D. M. Baier, D. Rogalla, Y. Li, M. Meischein, A. Ludwig, Z. Li, K. Schierbaum, M. Wark, A. Devi
Adv. Mater. Interfaces, 2021, 8, 2100949
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New publication
29. July 2021

A study on the influence of ligand variation on formamidinate complexes of yttrium: New precursors for atomic layer deposition of yttrium oxide

S. M. J. Beer, N. Boysen, A. Muriqi, D. Zanders, T. Berning, D. Rogalla, C. Bock, M. Nolan, A. Devi
Dalton Trans., 2021, 50, 12944 – 12956
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New publication
1. July 2021

Sensing and electrocatalytic activity of tungsten disulphide thin films fabricated via metalorganic chemical vapour deposition

J.‑L. Wree, J.‑P. Glauber, D. Öhl, A. Niesen, A. Kostka, D. Rogalla, W. Schuhmann, A. Devi
J. Mater. Chem. C, 2021, 9, 10254 – 10265
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