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Welcome to the homepage of the research group “Inorganic Materials ChemistryIMC of Prof. Dr. Anjana Devi. Our group focuses on the development, synthesis and evaluation of high-performance precursors for vapor phase deposition processes namely chemical vapor deposition (CVD), atomic layer deposition (ALD) and molecular layer deposition (MLD).
We collaborate with scientists from various disciplines (Physics, Chemistry and Engineers) and our goal is to develop nanostructured materials for different applications ranging from microelectronics, sensors, dielectrics, barrier coatings, spintronics, optics, catalysis etc.


15. July 2021

New Master Student on Board

Chan-Mi Cho

We welcome Chan-Mi Cho joining our IMC team as a new Master student. Chan-Mi will be working at the Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology (KRICT) in cooperation with the Department of Information and Electronics Materials led by Prof. Taek-Mo Chung.
We wish her a productive time!

New publication
1. July 2021

Sensing and electrocatalytic activity of tungsten disulphide thin films fabricated via metalorganic chemical vapour deposition

J.‑L. Wree, J.‑P. Glauber, D. Öhl, A. Niesen, A. Kostka, D. Rogalla, W. Schuhmann, A. Devi
J. Mater. Chem. C, 2021, accepted manuscript
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30. June 2021

New Project: NATOENER


We are very excited to announce a new international collaborative project NATOENER – Nanostructures with atomic Precision for next generation Energy Harvesting Devices.
The project is funded by i-Link+, a Grant coordinated by Dr. Mariona Coll at ICMAB in Barcelona, Spain.
NATOENER is looking into the development of multisource energy harvesters, devices that can convert energy from a variety of sources, like solar, kinetic, and temperature. The goal is to achieve the self-powering operation of electronic devices through multiferroic oxide materials.
Anna Borrás and Mariona Coll from CSIC will focus on the synthesis of 1D-3D multishell architectures and the team at Ruhr-University Bochum (Germany) David Zanders and Anjana Devi, will concentrate on the synthesis of tailored metalorganic precursors. The Queen Mary University of London (UK) team, led by Prof. Joe Briscoe, will perform multifunctional properties using vibration energy harvester testing, and the one at CEA-LETI (in Grenoble, France), led by Dr. Zineb Saghi, will use STEM for structural characterization of the materials.
We look forward to a successful collaboration on this exciting research topic and hope to pave the way for long-lasting research adventure.
18. June 2021

ACS Editor’s Choice

We are excited to announce that David Zanders’ recent publication “Cobalt Metal ALD: Understanding the Mechanism and Role of Zinc Alkyl Precursors as Reductants for Low Resistivity Co Thin Films” is part of the ACS Editor’s Choice program and will be freely available for six month.
Congratulations to David and everyone who has contributed to this interesting work.
New publication

Atomic Layer Deposition of High-Quality Copper Metal Films from Cu(acac)2 and Hydroquinone Reductant

T. S. Tripathi, M. Wilken, C. Hoppe, T. de los Arcos, G. Grundmeier, A. Devi, M. Karppinen
Adv. Eng. Mater., 2021, accepted manuscript
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New publication
7. June 2021

Cobalt Metal ALD: Understanding the Mechanism and Role of Zinc Alkyl Precursors as Reductants for Low Resistivity Co Thin Films

D. Zanders, J. Liu, J. Obenlüneschloß, C. Bock, D. Rogalla, L. Mai, M. Nolan, S. T. Barry, A.Devi
Chem. Mater, 2021, accepted manusctipt
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New publication
30. May 2021

Direct liquid injection chemical vapor deposition of ZrO2 films from a heteroleptic Zr precursor: Interplay between film characteristics and corrosion protection of stainless steel

S. M. J. Beer, D. Samelor, A. Abdel Aal, J. Etzkorn, D. Rogalla, A. E. Turgambaeva, J. Esvan, A. Kostka, C. Vahlas, A. Devi
J. Mater. Res. Technol., 2021, 13, 1599-1614.
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New publication
30. April 2021

Investigation of an atomic-layer-deposited Al2O3 diffusion barrier between Pt and Si for the use in atomic scale atom probe tomography studies on a combinatorial processing platform

Y. Li, D. Zanders, M. Meischein, A. Devi, A. Ludwig
Surf. Interface Anal., 2021, 1-7
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25. February 2021

New master student on board

Marcel Schmieckler

We welcome Marcel Schmickler joining our IMC team as a new Master student.
He will be working on synthesis and characterization of lanthanide precursors.
We wish him a productive research stay!

25. January 2021

Congratulations to Anjana

The Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) journal “Dalton Transactions” has nominated Anjana to the Editorial Advisory Board effective from January 2021 in recognition of her contributions towards the research areas of Inorganic and Materials Chemistry.
A further motivation for all of us!
The IMC team wishes her more success in her future research career!