2021: Dr. Dennis Zywitzki, Chemical Vapor Deposition of Ternary Materials for Energy Storage and Conversion
2021: Dr. Sebastian Beer, Vapor phase deposition of metal oxide and sulfide thin films:A study on the interplay between precursor design, process development and functional properties
2020: Dr. Lukas Mai, Investigation of amino-alkyl coordinated complexes as new precursors class for atomic layer deposition of Aluminum, Tin and Zinc oxide thin films and their application
2019: Dr. Alexander Sadlo, Liquid and vapor phase syntheses of inorganic materials: From metal organic molecules to thin film deposition
2018: Dr. Richard O’Donoghue, Atomic layer deposition of ZnO and Ga2O3 thin films as transparent semiconducting oxides: Influence of precursors on the film growth and characteristics
2018: Dr. Maximilian Gebhard, Plasma-enhanced atomic layer deposition of binary metal oxides as gas barrier layers on polymers
2018: Dr. Sarah Karle, From molecules to materials: Rational design and development of group 11 and Group 14 complexes and their evaluation as precursors for the deposition of metal and metal oxide thin films
2018: Dr. Stefan Cwik, Metal nitride and metal disulfide thin films via CVD: Exploring the diversity of all nitrogen coordinated rare earth and group 6 precursors
2017: Dr. Jiyeon Kim, Organometallic chemistry of transition metal – group 13 complexes and metal-organic precursor synthesis for ALD cobalt oxide thin films
2016: Dr. Daniel Peeters, Chemical vapor synthesis of binary and ternary metal oxides for photocatalytic and sensing applications
2014: Dr. Manish Banerjee, Design, synthesis and evaluation of guanidinates, ketoiminates and aminoalkoxide based precursors for thin film deposition of ZrO2 and TiO2
2014: Dr. Nagendra B. Srinivasan, MOCVD of metal nitride thin films: Deposition, film characteristics, functional properties
2014: Dr. Michael Krasnopolski, Metalorganic Chemical Vapor Deposition (MOCVD) routes for fabrication of rare earth nitride thin films: Precursor evaluation, thin film deposition and characterization
2014: Dr. Vanessa Gwildies, Gaining energy with sunlight: Photoelectrochemical water splitting of nitrogen doped tungsten oxide thin films fabricated by MOCVD using a new tungsten precursor
2014: Dr. Sun Ja Kim, MOCVD if TiO2 thin films from Ti alkoxide and amide based precursors for photoelectrochemical applications
2013: Dr. Ke Xu, Contributions towards ALD and MOCVD of rare earth oxides and hafnium oxide: From precursor evaluation to process development and thin film characterisation
2013: Dr. Tobias Thiede, From molecules to functional materials: Systematic evaluation of all nitrogen coordinated guanidinato and amidinato metalorganic complexesas precursors for the MOCVD of metal nitride thin films
2011: Dr. Malte Hellwig, Vapor phase approaches to nanostructured thin films of transparent metal oxides: From precursor development to application
2010: Dr. Andrian P. Milanov, MOCVD and ALD of rare-earth containing multifunctional materials: From precursor chemistry to thin film depositions and applications
2005: Dr. Urmila Patil, Precursors for MOCVD of ZrO2 and HfO2 thin films as gate dielectrics in CMOS devices (joint PhD student with Prof. Dr. R. A. Fischer)
2005: Dr. Raghunandan Bhakta, Rational development of precursors for MOCVD of TiO2: Precursor chemistry, thin film deposition, mechanistic studies

Post-docs (Academic host for international post-doctoral researchers)

2012-2014: Dr. Van Son Dang; EU-FP-7-ITN-Marie Curie Fellow, MOCVD and evaluation of high-k oxide thin films
2010-2011: Dr. Mrinalini G. Walwalkar; Alexander von Humboldt (AvH) post-doctoral fellow, Carboxylate based precursors for the MOCVD of Ba and Sr titanates
2007-2009: Dr. Ramasamy Pothiraja; Alexander von Humboldt (AvH) post-doctoral fellow, Development of novel molecular precursors for thin film deposition of metal oxide and metal nitride films by metalorganic chemical vapor deposition


2019: Annika Krusenbaum, M.Sc., Development and Characterization of All-Nitrogen Coordinated Zirconium Complexes as New Precursors for Vapor Deposition Processes
2019: Daniel Baier, M.Sc., Zinc Based Binary and Ternary Oxides via MOCVD: Precursor Synthesis, Thin Film Fabrication and Investigation of Functional Properties
2019: Jan-Niklas Huster, M.Sc., Molecular Engineering of Tin Complexes for Vapor- and Solution-Based Processing of Tin Oxide Thin Films
2019: Martin Wilken, M.Sc., Synthesis, Characterization and Thermal Evaluation of Sulfur Coordinated Transition Metal Complexes as Precursors for Transition Metal Disulfides
2018: Jan-Lucas Wree, M.Sc., Vapor Phase Routes to Functional Molybdenum Sulfide Employing Engineered Precursors
2018: David Zanders, M.Sc., Novel Hafnium and Tin precursors -Tuning Precursor Chemistry for Plasma Enhanced and Conventional Atomic Layer Deposition Processes
2018: Nils Boysen, M.Sc., Rational Design of new NHC-based Coinage Metal Complexes and the Deposition of Coinage Metal Containing Thin Films by CVD and ALD
2018: Shafiqur Rahman, M.Sc., Chemical Solution Deposition of Binary and Ternary Metal Oxides: Film fabrication, Characterization and Evaluation of Functional Properties
2017: Sebastian Beer, M.Sc., Novel MOCVD routes to metal sulfide thin films: Influence of precursor chemistry and investigation of film characteristics
2017: Dennis Zywitzki, M.Sc., Vapor phase routes to Co and Fe based binary and ternary oxides: Thin film fabrication, evaluation and investigation of functional properties
2017: Philipp John, M.Sc., Deposition and characterization of HiPIMS layers for solar thermal power plants
2017: Amr Saad Mohamed, M.Sc., Preparation and characterization of ferroelectric polymer nanoparticles composites
2016: Zongji Zhang, M.Sc., Chemical vapor conversion of metal oxide thin films to metal organic frameworks
2016: Kai junge Puring, M.Sc., Synthesis, characterization and evaluation of transition metal complexes for MOCVD of binary and ternary metal oxides
2016: Alexander Kroll, M.Sc., GaN based absorber materials for photocatalysis via MOCVD
2016: Lukas Mai, M.Sc., Tuning precursor chemistry and development of atomic layer deposition processes for functional aluminium oxide layers
2014: Alexander Sadlo, M.Sc., Optimizing the formulation of solution-based materials to various application techniques towards printable electronics
2014: Kevin Schiemann, M.Sc., Development and characterization of diffusion barrier layers for metal-supported solid oxide fuel cells
2013: Sarah Karle, M.Sc., Rational design and development of rare earth precursors and their application in MOCVD and ALD for the fabrication of rare earth containing thin films
2013: Maximilian Gebhard, M.Sc., Atomic layer deposition of indium oxide thin films employing In-tris-guanidinates and water as precursors
2013: Stefan Cwik, M.Sc., Atomic vapor deposition (AVD) of Y2O3 and HfO2 and yttria stabilized hafnia thin films tuning precursor chemistry: Process optimization and evaluation of functional properties
2012: Daniel Peeters, M.Sc., Evaluation of Zn-ketoiminates as precursors for atomic layer deposition of zinc oxide
2010: Louay Alsamman, M.Sc., Beiträge zur ALD von HfO2 auf SAMs
2010: Michael Krasnopolski, M. Sc., Synthesis and evaluation of all-nitrogen coordinated precursors for rare-earth containing thin films
2008: Ke Xu, M.Sc., Synthesis of new hafnium and zirconium based precursors and MOCVD HfO2 thin films using newly developed hafnium precursors
2007: Daniela Bekermann, M.Sc., MOCVD of metal oxy-nitrides of niobium using nitrogen coordinated precursors: Thin film deposition and mechanistic studies
2006: Dipl. Chem. Malte Hellwig, Development and applications of amide based molecular precursors for MOCVD of functional oxides
2005: Dipl. Chem. Arne Baunemann, Synthesis and characterization of organometallic precursors for gate oxide materials
2005: Andrian Milanov, M.Sc., Development of new metal organic precursors for HfO2 MOCVD


2020: Isabelle Arentz, Rationale Entwicklung von Münzmetallpräkusoren für die Anwendung in CVD und ALD
2019: Florian Preischel, Alternative Synthetic Routes towards Metal-Organic Precursors and their Thermal Evaluation for Vapor Phase Techniques
2018: Jean-Pierre Glauber, Synthesis and Characterization of Rare-Earth Complexes as Potential Precursors for Rare-Earth Sulfides in Chemical Vapor Deposition
2018: Laura Lamkowski, Synthesis and Characterization of Co an Ni containing Precursors for MOCVD application
2017: Annika Krusenbaum, Synthesis and characterization of metalorganic copper, molybdenum and antimony complexes as precursors for vapor deposition processes
2017: Jens Handelmann, Molecular Engineering of Gallium Ketoiminate Complexes: Potential Precursors for Ga2O3
2016: Martin Wilken, All nitrogen coordinated tungsten complexes as metalorganic precuirsors for CVD and ALD
2016: David Zanders, Rational evaluation of zinc and gallium precursors for the generation of transparent and conducting oxides
2016: Nils Boysen, Synthesis and Evaluation of Metalorganic Yttrium and Copper Compounds as Precursors for CVD and ALD
2016: Micha Weinert, Synthesis and characterisation of intramolecularly nitrogen stabilised organoaluminium complexes as possible precursors for chemical vapor deposition
2015: Philipp John, Rational development of Zn and Ga complexes as precursors for CVD and ALD of transparent conducting oxides
2015: Jonas Weidner, Kupfer Ketominate und Aluminium amidobasierte metallorganische Komplexe als mögliche Precursor für CVD-, CSD- und ALD- Anwendungen
2015: Sebastian Beer, Rational development of metalorganic complees of yttrium, gadolinium and neodymium as potential precursors for rare earth nitrides
2014: Tobias Heinen, Heteroleptic complexes of In(III) as potential precursors for MOCVD of indium oxide thin films
2014: Katarina Lowjaga, Synthesis and Characterisation of an iron ketoiminate compound as a potential precursor for vapour phase deposition of iron oxide thin films
2012: Jens Grohmann, Synthese und Charakterisierung von Gadolinium- und Yttrium-Amidinaten. Erforschung von Präkursoren für die chemische Dampfabscheidung von Nitriden der Seltenen Erden
2011: Qiongwen Wang, Evaluation of nitrogen and carbon doped tungsten oxide thin films for photoelectrochemical water splitting application
2011: Stefan Barwe, Synthese und Charakterisierung eines neuen Zn1-Sandwich-Komplexes
2010: Sarah Karle, Synthese und Charakterisierung von Ketominat-basierte Seltenerdkomplexen als potentielle MOCVD-Precursor
2008: Stefan Cwik, Metalorganic chemical vapor deposition of Y2O3 thin films employing tris-guanidinato yttrium precursors
2007: Ke Xu, Synthesis of metalorganic complexes of hafnium for MOCVD and ALD of HfO2 thin films